Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Vacuum 2252 Review



Can a cheap vacuum cleaner keep up with a household with pets and kids? Let’s check it out.

Hi, I’m Mary. I am a blog editor.

I help you learn how to shop smarter, save money, and save time so you can get back to changing the world. I’ve been looking around for a new vacuum for my family because my old one wasn’t working very well, but I’ve got two kids plenty of dirt around here, and a dog.

When I was looking around Amazon for a vacuum cleaner, I was shocked that Bissell Cleanview Swivel Pet is the best seller. How in the world could the cheap vacuum cleaner handle a household with pets? I went ahead and ordered one. And then I wanted to check it out around the house. So here are the things that I found.

Product information

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252


Technical SpecificationBISSELL CleanView Swivel Pet 2252
Product Dimensions13 x 14 x 44.5 inches
Item Weight17.71 pounds
Item model number2252
Brush Roll TypeTriple Action
Swivel SteeringYes
Pet ToolsYes
Cord Length27'
Hose length 6 feet
Dirt cup capacity1.0 liter
Replacement Filter StyleStyle 1214
Power SourceCorded Electric
Voltage110/120 Volts
Batteries RequiredNo


  • The cord is pretty nice and sturdy and it’s 27 feet long, which is longer than a lot of cheap vacuums are which are about 25 feet long. The more expensive ones are 30, but 27, I think is good enough for most households.
  • I realized there’s a clip up here where you can clip the cord upon the top and then it just sticks out the side and I can have it go out to the right because I’m right-handed and I can hold on to it like that, so it worked out well.
  • The power and release buttons are down on the bottom of this. You step on them with your foot the red one is the power and the gray one here is the release. It’s kind of nice that you can do them with your feet. I felt like when I was using it, I had to keep saying to myself “red is power, red is power”.
  • I like the carpet height adjuster that’s on here that was one of the features that I was looking for in a vacuum cleaner. We have dense thick carpet and a lot of vacuums can’t handle it, but this one did a really good job and I didn’t have to put it up on the highest. I put on like the second-highest and it still did a good job of cleaning the carpets, while not getting stuck on my carpet. Overall, I felt like it cleaned my carpets well.
  • It left them very fluffy and it seemed to do a great job at picking up the dirt and the dog hair and everything. In the kitchen, I liked how this low profile in the front fit underneath the kitchen cabinets and it has these little extra brushes on the side that help get that crud around the edges of corners and everything. I thought it did a better job than a lot of vacuums with that.
  • Overall, it was very lightweight, easy to push. I felt like it was pretty easy to use for basic vacuuming and I felt like it did a good job.
  • So then I wanted to check out the attachments and see how they worked around the house. Let me just show you all the attachments that come with this vacuum. One of the ones that’s a selling point for a lot of people in this turbo eraser pet attachment.  It has a little brush that spins inside of it when it’s attached to the vacuum. It seems like a great idea and it spins fast until you touch it to some carpet or a couch or anything, and then it immediately stops spinning. So it’s kind of pointless to have that brush in there if it doesn’t even spin when you’re vacuuming things. It’s one of those it seems like a good idea.
BISSELL 2252_brush
  • You also get a basic brush attachment and this one works fine, like any brush attachment for vacuum cleaner. And then there is a crevice tool and an extension wand and there’s also this corner tool that doesn’t have anywhere to store on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Emptying the dust bin on this vacuum is pretty easy. You just have to hit this button to release it like this and then there’s a button on the back that flips this open over your trash can so you can dump out the dust and hair.


  • The thing I noticed was the handle. The handle is reasonably comfortable but it is all plastic. There’s no rubber on it so it’s not super comfortable and the back is kind of open and hollow so it feels a little unfinished and kind of cheap honestly.
  • When you look at the bottom, the belt to the vacuum goes right through here this is a bit of a downside because it does leave a blind spot on the brush on the bottom of the vacuum, but that’s not the big complaint people have.
  • This vacuum does not have a HEPA filter. For people without allergies, this is not a big issue. So in that case, go for it.


Overall my impressions of this vacuum are it works shockingly well for his price. It cleans carpets. It sucks up the dirt and the pet hair as well or if not better than any other vacuum cleaner that I’ve had. It has a few downsides, which I went over. It’s a cheap upright vacuum cleaner. So would I choose this as the main vacuum for my family? Honestly, I would. I think it’s not a bad vacuum cleaner. And honestly, you can’t get a vacuum with a HEPA filter at this price range. You’re going to have to spend more to get that.


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